Thursday, June 3, 2010

Snapshots from Noto

Each year the beautiful baroque city of Noto holds a flower festival. The mosaic designs are made of flower petals and other organic, beans, seeds, etc. Many people watched the parade and viewed the flowers from the fantastic balconies. I thought I would share a few snapshots from my day in Noto.


  1. Ciao Heather-- thanks for sharing these wonderful shots. I've never yet made it to Noto for this event. Those guys with the drums were just in Ibla for our festa!

  2. How gorgeous! When I win the lottery (wink) I am going to just travel around to all the festivals in Italy! Flowers, truffles, chocolate, jazz ...
    I could stay very busy!

    What a beautiful place! Thanks Heather!

  3. Thank you Heather, every place has called for a picture and you answered wonderfully..

  4. I used to live in Sicily. I miss it so much! I lived in Motta Santa Anastasia, just outside of the town in the middle of an orange grove.

    I've been to that flower festival - is it laid down for the Feast of Corpus Christi?

    Cheers! (I'm in Scotland now.)